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This article from US News& World Report has some great information on Rhode Island colleges and universities. The University of Rhode Island in particular, attracts students from across the country and internationally. Many of these students choose to rent “down the line,” a reference to seasonal rental housing available in communities like Narragansett, Matunuck, Charlestown and Saunderstown. This is often because of the proximity of RI beaches, which are beautiful even “off-season.” Bonnet Shores, RI is a favorite for student rentals, because of proximity to URI and affordability.

We get asked all the time by property owners if it is “easy” to rent to college students during the academic year.

We also get asked by students and professors to help them select good properties to rent. For both groups, we have answers.

We do this by having many questions. Vetting students for housing rentals is a “people process,” and an organizational one. While many young people know exactly how to treat a home as if it were their own, others may not have experience in managing a household. So, we ask questions, lots of them. Our team also works hard to match renters and homes well, assuring home owners that the tenants we select are great tenants. Sunrise Properties also follows all industry standards in lease agreements, deposits, insurances, liability and of course, we provide ongoing management.

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Photo of URI by Kenneth C. Zirkel

University of Rhode Island. Photo by Kenneth C. Zirkel

Our rental management team has a long history of supporting property owners by matching good tenants during the URI academic housing year. We spend time on every single tenant we house. And we do our homework to ensure a successful outcome. Likewise, we are fair and mindful that students are often trying to make it all work financially. There is a way to balance this, and this community has a strong tradition of high season (summer or beach season) rentals complemented by school-year rentals.

We welcome your inquiry about if your Rhode Island home is suitable for an academic year rental and what is involved. We also enjoy taking good care of students and professors who need school year rentals in southern, coastal RI

Contact Kara Churas, Academic Rental Specialist by calling 401.515.7700, or contact us.

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